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what to do in Egypt for 10 days ?

How to Spend 10 Days in Egypt?

plan to visit Egypt for 10 Days?  You are puzzled and do not know what to visit?

Egypt is full of amazing tourist attractions and you have too many places to watch and visit, you can discover lots… we will take you in a tour while you are reading around Egypt in 10 days.

Day 1: Cairo – The Pyramids of Giza and the Egyptian Museum

You will be amazed in Cairo during your visit to the great Pyramids, where it’ll available to you see one of the most famous wonders of the world ” the Pyramids” and there is a possibility of taking lots of pictures with it, Furthermore you will know about the secrets of embalming and you can see the Pharaonic tombs “pyramids” from the inside.

Have you ever imagined a life of thousands of years’ that pass and whose wreckage remains so far, people who can do this? What is their own belief and methods that have amazed the world and made the survival of these ruins a mysterious question mark that the world strives for finding it out? This is exactly what you will know and see on your trip, also you will enjoy ride camel and horse near the Pyramids.

Do not forget that this is just a brief overview of the lot that you will know and enjoy, as well as your visit to the Egyptian Museum and its unique mummies and traces and a lot of valuable information about the lives of Egyptian ancestors, which would fill your curiosity that if you are interested in history and knowledge of the past.

Day 2: Cairo – Sakkara, and Memphis

The second day is a visit to Memphis, which was the seat of the Old Kingdom authority (2686-2181 BC) to ancient Egypt, also Sakkara the city is most interested in the archaeologists, which is classified as one of the most famous tombs that make its visitors impressed by its originality and its great archaeological significance. It is located in its huge burial site dating back to the beginning of the ancient state until the Greek presence in Egypt, The most famous archaeological landmark is the Djoser pyramid, which dates back to the third Dynasty (2448- 2667), which presents an architectural innovation. It is the first of all the stones built on the ground, which was able to perpetuate this innovation to build the pyramids and even the fourth family and beyond.

Day 3: Cairo – Old and Coptic Cairo

And continue the fun until your third and last day in Cairo, which will visit Old Cairo and the many of the churches known and that constitute a special meaning and different in the Christian clergy such as the Abu Sirga Church, and Hanging Church, also the Ben Ezra Synagogue and more in the Old Cairo.

From this visit to the citadel of Salah al-Din built by Salah al-Din himself on the top of the mountains of Mokattam (1183), which was intended to be the fortress of Egypt immune to the invaders and protect Egypt from their attacks and their prejudice.

Day 4: Alexandria – Library of Alexandria and Qaitbay Citadel.

A unique experience in a city that combines being a major economic center and an important industrial center is also a popular tourist destination which was built around a small city and was founded by the king of Macedon “Alexander the Great” during his invasion of the empire of the Akkadian, You can spend an unprecedented day in a city with such historical and development as it allows you to visit the famous library of Alexandria and the ancient citadel of Qaitbay, which represented an important fortress and strong forces for Egypt for many years. It was defense and protection against enemies. then you can go on to discover the palace of King of Egypt for a not short time “King Farouk” owner of the Montazah Palace, as well as the oldest church in Africa Church of St. Mark, and many other places that you have to see by yourself.

Day 5: Hurghada – swimming and diving

Get the total of relaxation and unmatched calmness, enjoy the isolation far from pressures and life problems and fit you by the beauty of nature and its many benefits such as the purity of the Red Sea water in Hurghada and the purity of the beaches that use to heal many diseases by putting the bodies on its sand and healing many hearts by walking with someone you love, and the experience of various activities Which will take your mind away from everything that interests you and allows you to meditate that helps you to clear your mind and the joy of riding horses or beauty in the desert of Hurghada and safari adventure where you can spend the first day of fun in discovering the Good things that are underwater through the tour Dive with divers m Turvin lets you look at forward to the wonderful nature that lies under the water, also above the water from the real fun using your banana boat and many other water games, as well as the peaceful swimming and recreation in such a charming nature and romantic atmosphere.

Day 6: Hurghada – Safari tour and Bedouin style dinner

Then continue to relax in day 2 in a completely different culture, Moreover, experience enjoy the experience of exploring what is hidden from you from the soft nature with a fun safari tour that enables you to have a Bedouin-style dinner and you can also ride the camel there and see a completely different culture.

All this in addition to providing you with a lot of peace of mind and reduce the Dgutatk and forget your problems and you’re exploring a lot and experience a lot and a lot.

Day 7: Luxor – Cruise on the Nile River

Enjoying the water, whether in swimming, diving or even boating, gives you an unforgettable feeling of relaxation and enjoyment! What if this feeling is confused with the possibility of exploring civilization! A civilization that is more than a thousand years old and varied in shape between Luxor and Aswan, you can now travel easily and easily through a luxury cruise in the Nile, where you can enjoy the familiar landscapes and know a lot about the ancient Egyptians and the love of art and civilization. To Egypt only, but to the whole world. Part of this is evident on your first day by visiting Karnak Temple. The excavations over the years gradually revealed the original structure of the temple complex, in the heart of the vast Karnak complex lies the temple of Amun, dedicated to the King of the Gods. Thanks to its never-ending playgrounds, huge halls, and huge sacred lakes, the size, and complexity of this vast temple have been on the rise since its humble beginnings in the royal family. Non-pharaoh structure pharaoh, it is worth mentioning that the discovery of this temple thanks to the excavations in the middle of the nineteenth century, as well as the Temple of Luxor, which dominates the banks of the Nile in the city center, which has a long history is also frequently calculable and be fun to explain to you when you come to see him . As well as seeing the statue of Ramses II the magnificent granite, and the end of your first-day tour of the Nile journey.

Day 8: Luxor – Nile Cruise

In the second day you will see the Pharaohs’ tomb in the New KingdomThe Valley of the Kings“, remote and arid, during the digging of tombs of the Pharaohs kings deep in the hills of Tiba, The Pharaohs of Thutmose I Around 1500 BC, thieves, and robbers stopped their priceless possessions buried with kings inside their tombs. In your opinion, was this a successful strategy? You will discover this with many other interesting stories when you come to Egypt. In addition, you will also see one of the most famous temples in Luxor, the ‘Temple of Queen Hatshepsut‘, a rock funerary temple partially carved in the monastery of Bahri, which is a spectacular sight designed by the architect of Queen Hatshepsut The 18th Dynasty, and then to see Colossi of Memnon, which has an amazing history no less important than what preceded, no stirring of what will come, and a lot of other interesting information that invites you to know it yourself.

Day 9: Aswan – Edfu, High Dam, and Lake Nasser

Your explorations and attempts have not ended yet! There is an entire Aswan where two days will be spent which you will never forget and which you will start from the magnificent Edfu temple where Edfu stands beside the Nile in the middle of the distance between Luxor and Aswan where this was where the god of Falcon Horus fought a fierce battle with his uncle Seth, Horus, the father of Uzuris, was brutally murdered, so it was a sacred and important place for the Egyptians

In addition to the temple that has been buried under sand and silt for almost 2,000 years, this is the temple of Horus in Edfu. It is considered the largest and most important Ptolemaic temples in Egypt. It was built under Ptolemy Iorgetes in 237 BC. , And a package of information that does not end and be better informed by yourself, this is a sea of information, uninterrupted and endless, but on the fourth and last day, which will start at the beginning of the High Dam, the method found by the Egyptians to protect agricultural land And buildings and buildings from the flood and the resulting construction of Many positive results such as “storage of water during drought in years when the Nile River lacks heavy water when low levels, and the protection of the environment in various forms of life from the flood”

And other negative such as “shrinking the silt in which the soil increases fertility and the crops are cleaner and healthier by a larger”, which has a wonderful view of Lake Nasser, which provides you a lot of places to discover and document these moments do not know a lot by being there and taking pictures With your friends and spread joy and enthusiasm more and more.

Day 10: Aswan – Philae Temple

Finally and not last there is a really wonderful visit waiting for you at the temple of Philae in Aswan, which was a temple of worship of Isis, where the island of Philae sacred place an important pilgrimage for worshipers until a long time in the Christian era, As well as being one of the legendary burial sites of her husband Osiris, Bala In addition, the huge temple was built in the late Ptolemaic and early Roman times the huge temple combines ancient Egyptian and Graeco-Roman architecture. Ptolemy XII.

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