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Your Guide to the Egyptian weather around the year

Egypt weather around the year

Egypt weather: Egypt is a wonderful country; surely you already know its impressive pyramids or the beauty of its history and the vestiges of ancient Egypt and all the culture that this entails… But surely if you are reading this article all this you already know it and what you want to know is something that it is necessary to bear in mind that in any trip, it is necessary to know to choose suitably the best epoch of the year to travel to Egypt and to enjoy this way to the maximum the vacations. In this article, we explain to you which are the best times to travel to Egypt.

If you want to travel to Egypt, you must bear in mind that what the prices reflect is that the peak period is in winter, from December to February, whereas the low period in summer, from June to August. Nevertheless, in the coastal areas (and in Cairo also, though in minor measurement) the opposite situation occurs.

If you are thinking of taking a trip to Egypt, one of the most important factors to consider is the issue of climate. Temperatures there vary greatly, both between seasons and between cities and even between day and night.

Egypt’s climate has two seasons, a mild winter from November to April and a hot, dry summer from May to October.

Egypt weather by month

Egypt weather in Spring

It’s the best time to travel to Egypt. It’s actually very hot in the spring but it’s bearable in most situations. If we limit ourselves to evaluate the ideal climatic conditions to do a typical tour of Cairo more cruise we should choose for autumn-winter, but if we want in addition to enjoying a bit of heat, stays in the desert and beach the best thing is between April and May.

In April, a warm desert wind, the (Khamsin) sometimes blows. This wind carries large amounts of sand, causing intense sandstorms and a sharp rise in temperature. They are warm and carry a large amount of desert sand that can damage what is in their path. Should one occur during your visit, sand and its winds can travel at 150 kilometers per hour in the worst episodes. This phenomenon is difficult to predict, it is recommended that you reach a shelter and stay there until it is over.

Summer in Egypt

The weather in Egypt is very hot for travelers; the average is 30º C and the minimum is 22º C. Towards the south of the country, maximum temperatures can reach 44º C -50º C in the extreme south- and there is no precipitation, due to the aridity of the climate. The areas with the highest amount of rainfall are the delta – where at the beginning of winter 200mm have been registered – and the Etbai mountain range which, located on the Red Sea coast, occasionally receives significant rainfall.

Egypt winter weather

Winter lasts from December to March; It is the season of the year when the few rains that occurs are concentrated, especially between December and January in the Mediterranean area. There are years when it is usually quite cold in January, on the Red Sea coast, and throughout the country when the sun goes down, reaching in some places temperatures close to zero degrees or below, as happens in the oases.

Average temperatures are around 14º C and minimums around 7º C. In Cairo, the winter minimum is 2º C, at night, so it is convenient to be provided with warm clothes. In the Sinai Peninsula can be found snow on some peaks during the winter.

Autumn in Egypt

The most recommended season for visiting Egypt, the various regions of Egypt also determine the different temperatures. In the north and in the city of Cairo, the summer is the most oppressive, but in the coastal cities, it becomes pleasant because of the sea breeze also The coolest period is from the end of October to the beginning of April. In winter it cools down at night, especially in Lower Egypt (Cairo, Alexandria) and in the oases and deserts. The Sinai has its own microclimate but can get very cold at night at this time.

Cairo weather

Generally speaking, the weather in Cairo is more of a Mediterranean type, with very hot summers and mild winters. The best time to visit the city is during autumn and winter, between the months of October and March. The temperatures at that time are milder and the spring sandstorms are not yet present.

Summer in Cairo

During the summer months temperatures in Cairo can reach 38 °C and be a real punishment. The low humidity makes the heat a little more bearable, but it also predisposes to dehydration. If you visit Cairo between April and September, remember to bring plenty of water with you on all visits and excursions.

Best time to visit Cairo

In the season when the climate is milder, from October to March, the average daytime temperatures are 23 or 24 °C. At night the temperature drops considerably (to 10 or 11 °C), so remember to bring warm clothes as well.

Alexandria Egypt weather

The city of Alexandria and the area around it is the rainiest in the country but receive only 200 mm of rain per year. The Cairo area has an average rainfall of 100 mm. While further south rainfall is almost absent, Aswan receives, for example, 2 mm per year.

on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, average minimum temperatures vary between 9°C in January and 23°C in August, while average maximum temperatures vary between 18°C in January and 30°C in August.
Inland, the temperature differences between the maximum and minimum values are more marked. For example, in Aswan, the average minimum temperatures range from 8°C in January to 26°C in July. While the average maximum temperatures vary between 23°C in January and 41°C in June.

The climate of the red sea and the Sinai Peninsula

The climate of the Sinai Peninsula and the coast of Egypt along the Red Sea is desert, hot and dry, with rainfall almost totally absent. Average minimum temperatures in Sharm el-sheikk vary between 13°C in January and 28°C in August, while average maximum temperatures vary between 21°C in January and 37°C in August.

On the other hand, the coast of the Red Sea, the Nile Delta and the Sinai Peninsula enjoy a slightly more pleasant climate – of the Mediterranean type – which allows one to visit the area at almost any time of the year. As one moves south and away from the coast of the Nile, the aridity increases and the contrast between the heat during the day and the cold at night is accentuated.

The average Red Sea water temperature in Sharm el-sheik varies between 22°C in February and 29°C in August.

Luxor and Aswan weather – Egypt

What really makes these two cities special is their weather during winter but if you want to visit Luxor and Awan in the summer you should know From June through August, temperatures regularly exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) but also you should know that clear skies are a permanent feature in all seasons.

What you should take with you while you visit Egypt?

So, if you ask me what to wear, the answer is that it depends on the type of trip you take. For example, if your trips to Egypt are in the summer, but you plan to spend the night in the desert, you will need warm clothes even if it seems crazy during the day.

It is recommended to take cotton clothes, loose, and warm clothes for the nights. It is convenient to take simple clothes that cover most of the body to prevent the effects of the sun, as well as comfort and shoes and a hat.

Egypt when to go

The best time to go to Egypt is between October and March. As for the Sinai coast, the best months for a trip are between March and May and between September and November.

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