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Want to enjoy Cairo at night? Here are six things you can do

Enjoy Cairo at night

Travelers often come to Egypt to visit its most prominent monuments, including the Great Pyramid Egypt, “One of the Wonders of the World”, the Egyptian Museum or other places that are more well known, but what after the end of your tour during the day? This question may be a cause of concern for some of those who want to enjoy every minute of their trip, but do not worry Cairo as a world-class city with countless opportunities to enjoy your entire road trip at night.

As Cairo is full of places that you can enjoy visiting and many things to do not only at the day but also at Cairo Egypt at night so, we have done our best to come to you at the best of these places.

pyramids sound and light show

the Great pyramids of Giza in the day, you may think that all you can take and know about the great pharaohs is over, but in civilization as rich as the one made by the Pharaohs there is a river of information that you can reap information from. The intriguing details that many people do not know about, like what is the story of the great sphinx of Giza? What are the many secrets that lie in Queen Nefertiti’s life and her husband Pharaoh Akhenaten? This valuable historical information is presented in the same place as before, which makes you feel as if you are in the middle of their lives, with opportunities to take great pictures with that past.

Egyptian troupe of traditional art

Unlike many types of dancers and dance or singing performances, this type of art consists of different music, which is often drumming ” Douf ” and playing the flute , which form a wonderful musical texture, in which the dancers perform charming performances on rhythms These musicals, which show a spiritual aspect of Egyptian culture, where some of the hopes of a distinctive filled with the colors of joy in the dancers’ clothes and distinctive music in the instruments of the musicians.

EL-Moez Street

Your visit to this street means that you are in one of the most wonderful streets in Cairo at night, where it is fortunate that it dates back to the Fatimid state, which is one of the most influential times in the Islamic civilization, which was also famous for the magnificent architectural art which was a craft known to the ancient Fatimids. The buildings of this distinctive street, which has a lot of silver shops and handicrafts that enable you to shop as you wish for the abundance of what it offers, as well as you can take many special souvenirs for your friends and also one yourself to draw some henna or buy an ornament in your name, A lot of it The psychological comfort that you will get in your presence in the Al-Hakim Mosque, which gives you peace of mind, as if you are in a place to meditate, and continues to enjoy discovering many other places that are no less important and fun than the previous ones such as Sultan Hassan Mosque or Ibn Tulun and Khan Al Khalili. From the wonderful atmosphere that will make the walking tour leave yourself unforgettable memories with really different images.

Cairo Tower

One of the most famous sights in Cairo after the pyramids of Giza is the Tower of Cairo and its length is 187, which means above the Great Pyramid of Giza by about 50 meters, making it a wonderful view enticing visitors and can see the largest possible part of the features of Cairo and take them to a completely different feeling and They are located in one of the highest places in Cairo. It dates back to 1961 and was built in 5 years. It was started in 1956. It was designed by an Egyptian architectural engineer and was designed in its design as a Lotus flower, has restaurants and coffees also a wonderful atmosphere that will make your night in Cairo is awesome and you will be over the Moon.

Felucca ride Cairo at night

A selection that shows you the importance of the Nile thousands of years ago in Egyptian life. These boats have been used for thousands of years. The Egyptians used to travel along the banks of the Nile River and many other details that make up an important and important history. Enjoy a Nile tour where you, the Nile and the clear sky only, and you see the sunset with full relaxation, and you can also listen to your favorite song in this wonderful atmosphere, or see the other boats and the local people and are at the top of their enjoyment dancing On their loud songs and inhale the Fresh air, how can colorful wooden boats be with all this joy? Do not miss night boat to Cairo on yourself.

Shopping in Cairo Malls

There is an unmatched number of shopping malls in Cairo that make your search for things easier to purchase and give you more choices. For example, there is the Mall of Arabia, which has a very large number of shops, clothes and restaurants to rest if tired of the frequent shopping and You want to take a cup of coffee and there is also a cinema showing the latest movies and 3D cinema or I want to go out to have dinner in a different place for restaurants there is a large dining court where there are types of Egyptian and non-Egyptian cuisine, or the Mall of Egypt, which was built soon It was built on a very large area and provided with slightly different things from Al Aar Mall The hotel has a large and clean cinematic complex with about 21 displays and the first indoor snow garden in Egypt (and so far only). The Food Court has an excellent selection of restaurants that boast many local and international chains and also a wide range of stores including In it many major brands from all over the world.

Or Cairo Festival City Mall, which is another wonderful place designed for the masses. Located in the 5th pool in the east of Cairo, Mall hosts such as Carrefour, CenterPoint, Debenhams, H & M, Marks & Spencer, and Zara. In addition, Cairo Festival City is distinguished from the rest of the shopping centers in Cairo. It is home to the only IKEA store in Egypt.

And with all this, your shopping trip to Cairo has not ended There are many other places like Dandy Mega Mall, Arkan Plaza, and others.

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