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Travel to Egypt with kids

The best kids activities in Egypt

Plan to travel to Egypt with your kids? It is really not easy, but you can enjoy the experience differently, distinctly and fun instead of traveling without them, but what keeps you feeling that you are spoiled will make you enjoy your trip “worry about them, feeling guilty about leaving them or wondering about a substitute that compensates them”. Save yourself all this and here are the best places you can enjoy visiting with your children.

* The Pyramids of Giza

Like the ‘pyramids‘ you have to know that one of these seven wonders is not only for adults but also for different ages and children can be amazed to see it along with earning a huge amount of valuable information and all this in addition to the endless enjoyment of riding camel or horse and These wonderful moments together with your child are one of the best places to have amazing photos.

* The Egyptian Museum

Then to find out more and more information to visit the Egyptian Museum and to know all the existence of the mummies and valuable effects, while they can get closer to the civilizations of a thousand years, whose remains are still there or they can stare at the treasure of King Tutankhamun.

* Fagnoon art school

If your kid is talented and s/he like painting so you can take them to Fagnoon art school that’s a wonderful art center run by artist Mohammed Allam in the fields between Giza and Saqqara, children can slosh paint around, model clay work with wrought iron, print and paint on textiles or hummer together some wood on a farm-type sitting, all in the shadow of the Saqqara step pyramids.

* Cairo Puppet Theater

You can also go to the activities of the children where they can visit the puppet theatre in Cairo and get to know new cartoon characters and watching theatrical performances that will give your trip a lot of fun and fun.

* Al-Azhar Park

And other places for hiking and entertainment and taking pictures such as the large Al-Azhar Park where the child’s presence in the midst of such large green areas and a children’s area with many games dedicated to them, which you can share in some of them also to spend an unmatched time of entertainment and And the presence of an exploratory area where there is a telescope that you can see the Cairo from the top and see most of its features in a spectacular view of the day and a lot of pleasant air breezes at night.

* Felucca ride on the Nile

And you can go with them to a different experience also where children can enjoy the demonstration of the role of pirates in the Nile Felucca and harmony with water while you can relax and enjoy this atmosphere as well.

* Giza Zoo

They can feed the animals in the zoo in Cairo or take a wonderful picture of your child when watching a monkey or parrot or documenting a courageous moment that will not be repeated when taking a picture of him with a lion or a lot of surprises to see the elephant.

* pharaonic village

Furthermore, Egypt with kids is so very generous and provide them with many places allocated to them, there is the pharaonic village where many of the kids activities that develop their intelligence and delight their lives, such as the vision of the pottery makers and availability to try it themselves or to allow the photography and they wear Pharaonic clothes in Trip studio and the children’s area allocated there for fun or form clay forms also including happiness time which they can play much and singing and countless activities or Filming there are a variety of films such as ” village’s film, Cinema 9D” or little adventure by watching ” Escape the tomb ” , besides showing the kid ‘s talent in Art centre and a lot of Events, such event management and more activities inside and explorations in Petting zoo or Tut Land Park, However, the fun is not yet over. You can go with your child for a picnic in the Nefertari yacht in the village or go shopping and draw henna on your hand; All of this is not without a lot of restaurants and cafes such as King Tut restaurant and Lotus Cafe or Pinci Cafe.

* Dream Park

Traveling with kids become more funy and nice with a place like Dream Park where a lot of games and high shouting by riding discovery for adults and many games dedicated to children with delicious ice cream or helium Balloon and others.

* Mall of Egypt & Mall of Arabia

The places where you can go with your child are not finished with the Mall of Arabia where you can shopping or go to the cinema, eat popcorn, children’s area, a lot of restaurants, cafes or playshops, as well as the recently built Mall Of Egypt and its own activities. Located in Mall of Arabia with the increasing presence of magic planet dedicated to toys, Moreover, sky Egypt where penguin skating and both of you ( you and your kid) can try it and enjoy there.

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