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Travel to Egypt alone? travel to Egypt advisory for women

Solo female travel to Egypt

As a solo female traveler who has a passion for exploring as many different places as possible in this world, of course, has a lot of fears about several things, Especially if the subject is related to the choice of an exotic destination like Egypt, and rumours spread that make many hesitate to resolve his decision if he travels to or retreat, especially if you solo travel to Egypt, Sometimes those who want to harm the tourism of the country exploit times of crisis – which exist in all countries of the world – are used to scare people and spread as many rumors as possible, such as political instability, terrorist threat and other problems that make Egypt not the first choice in the list of countries. Which she wants to travel to. But by talking to a loving heart of adventure and exploring all that is hidden from you, these tips on everything that is going on your mind …

Safety and Security in Egypt.

There is Strong security presence all over Egypt so be prepared for a lot of baggage checking and scans when you enter tourist attractions and hotels and be careful to walk around With your passport where the security to walk around to ensure your identity and maintain your safety, and this amount of safety means that there are always there are willing to help you in case you have a problem or need help.

Guide to your Egypt tours.

It is better to do your Egypt tours  with a guide – someone who knows the country well and knows what can get you in trouble and avoid it as well as the safety you will feel more with someone who is familiar with what is happening in this place and the valuable historical information and modern life in Egypt you will get from your guide.

Egypt local peoples.

You have to know that you will not only enjoy what you see from ancient civilization and places really enjoyable but you will be very much welcomed, the nature of people in Egypt that they are very friendly and loving to help and in addition to the many smiles that will be received from the moment you arrive at the airport passing through You will not find much alienation but curiosity will lead you to come closer to such affection and welcome, but be a little careful not everyone cares about you without a fee there are many who try to earn their living in different ways and you don’t need to describe them to know them you will know them yourself When you come, but all you need to know to deal with them is to avoid them or those who do not feel comfortable or find them unwanted interest avoid them as if you do not see them, and enjoy this experience distinctive as much as you could.

Regarding you.

Be careful not to show all your precious jewelry or boast of your expensive camera or pay the bill of a huge amount that people see in your hand or pockets, but be careful to separate them into different compressed sections of your purse or bag and avoid placing your bags in your pocket or Show it in a way that makes you greedy for thieves or pickpockets, Keep track of your possessions and be conservative with valuables (such as where you travel).

As for the clothes and your appearance, you have to know that you are moving to a different culture, which tends to print a lot of people reservation, especially women, local women very different here since most of them are conservative and do not wear hot clothes that make them a field of criticism and attention, The surrounding community does not accept to wear open clothes and show lots of local women’s charms, so avoid attracting unwanted attention, wear appropriate clothing, and prefer to wear quiet, slippery clothing when visiting places such as mosques, preferably with scarves in your backpack because you will need them when you’ll visit Mosques.

Get their language.

Since Egyptians are nice people and fans of visitors to their country you will hear many welcome words, most of which will be “welcome” and if you want to look more integrated with them some words that will make you simpler and less exaggerated for them like

Shockrun = Thanks

Afuan = never mind

Azik = How are you?

Beautiful = Jamil

No = laa

Yes = “Aywa, when you answer one of your calls or trade in a dialogue”

Habibi = “Used for courtesy sometimes and your language means baby or honey”

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