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Top rated places to visit in Aswan

Things to do in Aswan

Aswan Overview

Best places to visit in Aswan: One of the most important and famous cities in Egypt, is a special tourist destination and distinctive because of its location and importance since the Pharaohs where it is located in the southern part of the border of Egypt, which contributed to making this land since this time is a very important natural economic intersection and then increased Day after day, the city thrived and became an important gateway between Egypt and most of Africa, as well as an important trade center, as well as it was considered as clear and strong political borders.

The city of Aswan has a long history on the political and tourist level, and has influenced a lot internally in Egypt’s economy or tourist importance, in addition to its important external influence in the whole Middle East where it was the beginning of the departure of the Egyptian forces (Angelo) heading south to calm the unrest in Sudan and remained This city has a significant impact until the end of the nineteenth century and so far, Aswan is still a tourist destination to come tourists from all over the world.

On a really wonderful trip you go to the heart of Egypt (Aswan) to see a lot of important landmarks and wonderful atmosphere and talk about the atmosphere because of the wonderful location of Aswan, It is predominantly overheated and high temperature in the summer due to the location of the city which is located in the far south of Egypt and adjacent to the hot African countries., but the atmosphere becomes wonderful in the months of winter is moderate and warm It makes you enjoy as much as possible the beauty of nature and tranquility surrounding you, one of the most beautiful distinguishes Aswan is the calm that surrounds the entire city, making it an advantage in visits to Aswan even more than the visits to Luxor, which is often centered tourists because of its many tourist attractions and many attractions and away from the congestion of Cairo and Overcrowded with residents, visitors and a As the capital, Aswan is a great destination that combines valuable information, antiquities, and different historical stories as well as the beauty of the Nile water and the warm atmosphere and tranquility that makes you enjoy every minute of your tour and forget what you are experiencing Routine, As well as the rich history of Aswan can not describe the words or depict the beauty of the city and many things that you can do on your trip to that wonderful city.

1- Abu Simbel Temple

By visiting each of the tourist places in Egypt in general and Aswan in particular, means that you know more about the life of the Pharaohs and the ancient ways of life. This temple
This temple was built by the most famous kings in ancient times, King Ramses II and the real reason behind the construction of this temple is to document the great victory of King Ramses II in the Battle of Kadesh, which was in 1274 BC, it was decided to build this temple to celebrate victory Great.
Then the temple was taken as a house of worship and the temple included many ancient Egyptian gods such as Ptah, Amun, and the god Re Horakhti.

As for the current form of the temple, the great site of Abu Simbel is divided into two main temples. The length of the great temple is 35 and its height is approximately 30 meters.
While the small temple is dedicated to the famous Egyptian queen Nefertari, the favorite wife and close to the heart of King Ramses II and separated between the two temples a distance of about 150 meters and this distance contains four large pillars sitting and those four of both temples and two of these columns Temple of Queen Nefertari and the other two of the Temple of King Ramses II.

On the walls of this large temple, there are inscriptions and images that tell the life of the king and the queen, most notably the pictures showing the king and his wife performing their prayers to the goddess.
Despite the existence of this temple since this time, it was first discovered in 1817 until more and more was discovered until Abu Simbel became the current known temple
The site of this temple is a great archaeological mystery as the perpendicular solar energy over the temple is one of the phenomena of ancient Egypt, which reflects the ingenuity and accuracy of the ancient engineers in the construction of this wonderful temple to correspond to such an important and distinctive astronomical site, where the sun enters into the temple three times The first time is February 22, which was dedicated to the celebration of the planting season, and the second is also on 22, but from October, which was also dedicated to the celebration of the flood at that time. , While the third and last time is By chance correspond to both King Ramses’ birthday and crowned him on the throne.

The temples were moved from their place with UNESCO’s cooperation with the Egyptian government to save the large Abu Simbel complex from drowning or damage that would inevitably have remained in place as a result of the high Nile flowing into the High Dam.
This magnificent temple, which includes art every inch throughout, is a wonderful place that tells a lot and a lot of events and a great history.

2- Philae temple

This temple is the last of the buildings that were built in the classical Egyptian style and began construction work for this temple almost in 690 BC and the main reason behind the construction is to honor the goddess Isis and was one of the most important sites where the worship of the gods continued to worship the goddess Isis since its construction And until the year 550 or more and this site is characterized by its wonderful location, which is on an island in the middle of the Nile River, which combines important and distinctive and also completely different inscriptions.

The first edifice is fully decorated with inscriptions Ptolemy XII and attacks the enemies in these inscriptions and is about 18 meters, while the other edifice is the temple of Pleasure The king of Hathu, which is decorated with beautiful inscriptions of music as well as an inscription of a monkey playing the oud and Bes and this side there is a wonderful unfinished wing which is located on the edge of the water.
It is said that most of the artists who drew these inscriptions in the temple are from the Victorian era. Furthermore it’s not only about Pharaonic past and all this information and historical events of the temple but also you will enjoy a lot in this tour, this is not only an informative tour, but there is a lot of fun awaits you Some pictures to save this fun time then you can attend a wonderful sound and light show that will make you feel like you are on a journey through time and sit by yourself in front of one of the pharaohs hear from him some stories.

3- Nubian village Aswan

To the most beautiful visit on your trip to Aswan to the delightful Nubian neighborhoods, Nubian villages have a long history, It is known that the population of Nubia is the indigenous population of southern Egypt.
The origins of this nation from the beginning in Sudan and southern Egypt and these tribes continued until now live along the Nile River and the Nubian villages are located approximately 860 km / 350 miles south of the capital – Cairo – known for its different culture in addition to containing Many of the ruins of ancient Egypt and the retention of a lot of Pharaonic life moreover to the preservation of its people on most of their customs and traditions Nubians are characterized by some customs and traditions different from the rest of the city, the most prominent of these differences Which still stick to it is the original Nubian language, which can not be spoken only by the people of this culture and it is difficult for outsiders c to Teach them because they speak only and there is no alphabet or grammar to facilitate the teaching of this language. Also one of these differences is the folk dance dedicated to the people of Nuba and some different lifestyles and so much that you will not recognize it only by your visit to these wonderful villages.

By visiting Nubian villages you go to the most welcoming places and people on your tour to Egypt.
You find everyone reassures you with a welcoming smile and see their beautiful houses, which are different from other houses in Aswan, but traditional for Nubian culture, they were built with simple brick and predominantly painted with colorful colors and geometric shapes and the strangest thing you will see in this tour is the retention of some houses Crocodiles in their homes as if they were pets, this is one of the old habits that were preserved where they used to use these crocodiles as a means to defend themselves and their property against any external dangers, What a wonderful tour where you look at this distinctive culture and you will see a lot and fun where much !!!

4- Plants Island, Kitchener Island

keep exploring more places and more islands If you are a nature lover this island will be an unforgettable visit, where its located directly on the Nile also it so close to the island Elephantine, and that wonderful place called El Nabatat Island or what they call Kitchener.

The island’s history dates back to the British occupation of Egypt, where the second name is the ratio of Lord Kitchener. Until the death of this Lord this island became under the hands of the Egyptian government and has been used as a research area and since this time until now is a wonderful botanical garden.
In addition to the island’s many unique types of plants, but it is very popular among the local people of the city of Aswan, where they spend enjoyable times for walks or hiking in the afternoon often, also will be a fun and beautiful visit for you where you can access it simply by the Aswan Pier Through a boat or a boat passing through the Nile.

5- Shopping in Aswan

One of the most beautiful activities you can do in any new country you travel to is shopping. Because the idea of shopping makes you walk in a part of this strange country that you know nothing about as if you are one of its citizens and allows you to see closer to the local people.

Shopping in Aswan will be one of the most different tours that you can do, you will not only be fascinated by what you will see and pass through the finest products and fabrics, but also you will find yourself in front of many markets of wonderful handmade carpets, which you will see those who embroider them with their own hands And you shop, which there are different shapes and colors of it and if you are interested in art you will be very impressed by the accuracy and ingenuity of these artists and they are conquering their threads in the form of a painting that reflects images of their lives and their colorful colors.

As well as a lot of herbal shops, which is the finest herbs and spices and you find a lot of things to serve as a souvenir, but the most beautiful remember you can return is to return a henna painting on your body by beautiful Nubian women specializing in this and this henna very much like a tattoo and this wonderful experience makes you return a distinctive souvenir is not carried in your backpack or your luggage but on Your body, You can’t wait to shop through the beautiful streets of Aswan and the beautiful Nubian neighborhoods!

6- Unfinished Obelisk

To one of the most exciting places in Aswan, which is located in the northern quarry, which contains the most famous obelisk in Aswan, which is a height of 42 meters and is a huge slab of granite and this obelisk was built with some temples and traces of granite coming from Quarries in the vicinity of Aswan, which is known to be the finest in the country.

As for the obelisk, it would be the longest obelisk in the world if it were completed, as it is ten times the longest obelisk found in Rome to the Lateran obelisk.

Although little is known about the unfinished obelisk, who was commissioned to build it or when it will be transported and where it will be placed, scientists assume that the reason for stopping its construction is due to the instability of its foundation caused by large cracks in the rock.

In addition to its ancient history, but it is a great place to learn about the features of the life of ancient Egypt in Aswan, you can see this obelisk to see the traces of workers and artists of the original and see how brilliant techniques in the art of architecture and construction in the time of the Pharaohs.

7- Elephant Island

Is one of the largest islands in the Nile of Aswan in front of the city and this island is an exciting and wonderful place to learn about the local life and that at a very cheap price only two pounds, With these few pounds you can see a lot and enjoy a beautiful tour that ends by moving to visit the nearby temples surrounding, You can also go to the magnificent temple of Aswan.

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