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The best beaches in Egypt 2020

Discover the best beaches in Egypt

life never gives us what we need or anything else without trial and then after it makes sure that you deserve it may smile to you, but you know what? don’t wait for its smiling or chances at the mercy of circumstances, just do your best to reach what you want “Go, fly, roam, travel,” do what you can to make yourself happier and discover new places that could help you to achieve your aim in getting happier and taking more adventures.

well, let me help you. let’s recognize the best places and beaches in Egypt that It has been classified as the most beautiful Egyptian beaches and the best beaches in the Middle East by National Geographic.

  • Sharm El Luli

This was not the first time that Sharm El Luli was classified as one of the best beaches in the Middle East and Egypt. It was ranked third in three years ago in 2017 among the best Arabian beaches. It was also classified this year 2019 among the top 10 Arab’s beaches and superior to many of them where he got the largest number of votes of tourists and many of the visitors stressed that their trip to him was one of the best trips they have fought throughout their lives and strongly recommended it, so trust in the opinion of others and as well as it really charming.

  • Blue hole – Dahab

Blue hole or as known as the garden of bones or other universally known titles of this wonderful site located on the Red Sea coast, which comes divers from around the world, despite knowing this is a dangerous and adventurous but they nevertheless come in love with the challenge and eager to see This magnificent place is distinguished as a mythical cave with many high-resolution paintings. It is an entwined waterway in the form of a hole of 90 meters long and 100 meters wide. It is 50 meters in diameter and looks like a small street and is very close to the beach, making divers easily reach it. On foot or underwater, It is one of the most famous dive sites and it also makes divers take this risk to satisfy their curiosity, discover as many secrets as possible, and become familiar with what they are. Behind the mystery that fills it.

Despite all this fascinating magic you have to be vigilant and do not come to such an adventure only professional dive guide knows the hole well and make sure everything is okay and that you have enough oxygen and gas respiration, Oh the places you’ll go.

  • Ageeba Beach

Ageeba, a beach 24 km west of Marsa Matruh One of the ten beaches that have been classified among the most beautiful beaches in the Middle East, although it is a small place, but it contains many of the advantages, such as it is separate from noise and traffic and enjoy the largest possible amount of beauty and Nature, which will make you fascinated by what you will see and enjoy the calm and relaxed, and the name of the beach is wonderful means “miracle” in Arabic and what you will see when you visit him is also really clean water and clean, and fresh air, which will make you once you arrive there you will forget all your problems and pressure that makes all your worries, Moreover the wonderful opportunities to take pictures in such places and amazing times that are unparalleled.

You can bring to yourself that nobody else can, It’s about your happiness.
Don’t miss such a great trial and distinctive experience that will be unique memories not be forgotten throughout your life.

  • Dahab

A small Egyptian city that follows the southern Sinai province, which is located on the Gulf of Aqaba “Dahab“, which is located about 100 km from the city of Sharm el-Sheikh, the Egyptian Red Sea charming, and about 87 km from the city of Nuweiba, and this wonderful site is one of the most important reasons for classification This beautiful city, as one of the most wonderfull and beautiful beaches in the Middle East and Egypt specifically, the location of the city of Dahab contains a great deal of beauty of the varied nature of the existence of mountains, which is a large part of the city still lives now, nomadic life, These mountains offer many activities such as climbing or camping And other activities or clean water as well as the beauty that lies under the water of the existence of rare species of coral reefs and fish can be discovered by diving or even the shores of the pristine charming and met all these factors together in the beautiful Egyptian city, which also has commercial markets and places Entertainment and many other details that you prefer to live by yourself and you see not only read about or take an idea from afar, take the beauty that is within you and goes to them to provide the beauty and refreshes your soul and its purity and magnificence. Enjoy!

  • Fjord Bay – Taba

Located in Taba, South Sinai, Fjord Bay is a great destination for tourists from all over the world and one of the best beaches in Egypt. It is full of caves and mountain passes, which give a wonderful atmosphere and a beautiful mountain view. On many valleys, which have a lot of rare things such as rare animals and plants as there are in Taba about 450 rare plants in addition to 50 species of birds, what a wonderful city !!
The Gulf is a suitable place for dive professionals and enthusiasts. Both can enjoy the huge underwater coral reefs and see much fish of various shapes and situations. Large fish eat small glass fish or silverfish, as well as many water and mountain activities. And the most important is the calm and relaxation that makes this place is the ideal destination and the favorite for tourists who are looking for different places and new to explore and places to relax and enjoy the nature and capture a lot of wonderful images to add to their album pictures and distinctive memories.

  • Ras Um Sid beach

In Ras Um Sid you can find an ideal place if you are a snorkeling or diving lover. Its reef is a beauty worth admiring. In addition, the sea is very calm so you can rest in its waters as much as possible, one of the best beaches in Egypt. Here you can find one of the most suggested resorts in the world and at affordable prices.

  • Shark’s Bay Beach

Around this beach, you will be able to find all the tranquility and rest that a beach can offer you on a dream vacation. There are several lounges and restaurants to complete your visit or stay. It stands out for its reddish colors in the arid terrain and, as is evident, the great biodiversity you will be able to find in the sea. Thanks to this, you can also practice water sports in complete comfort. It is a whole area of contrast.

  • Marsa Mubarak Beach

This is a unique enclave for diving. To get there you can take a boat to the reefs, so you can swim in the company of large sea turtles and dugongs. Needless to say, the view is beautiful and the water is transparent. For walks, I recommend you do it with children since they will be captivated by all that it has to offer.

  • El Fanar beach

This is a private beach where there are two coral reefs. Something that makes it a highly recommended site for snorkeling. As if the rich gastronomic offer was not enough, it is propitious for you to enjoy it in complete relaxation at the seashore.

  • Sharm El Naga beach

If you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the cities and just be in touch with the sea, Sharm el Naga is an option you cannot lose sight of, no matter what. Here you can both sunbathe and snorkel, on none other than some of the most spectacular reefs in Hurgada.

  • Terrazzina Beach

Here you can enjoy a beautiful coastline for all those who love the beach and live music. In addition, to live music, you will be able to watch fascinating dancers, and also enjoy delicious food with the sea in the background.

  • Marsa Shoona bay

It is definitely a jewel of marine wildlife, where divers can easily dive into a fantastic marine universe. Here you will be able to find clownfish, large octopus, scorpions, lionfish, moray eels and even turtles. And of course, colorful coral formations. The only thing I find is that your visibility may not be optimal for beginners. [ located in Marsa Alam ]

  • Gebel El Rosas

In case we are talking about almost unreal marine sanctuaries, the Gebel El Rosas I have to introduce you. Here you can swim with bottlenose dolphins and get to know marine species in great numbers. For example, you can observe rays, moray eels, clownfish, and turtles among many others. [ located in Marsa Alam ]

  • Soma Bay Beach

Here you can completely isolate yourself from the outside world, which is why you will need to access a private road of 7 km as the only entrance. It is a place that can leave many breathless because of its unique beauty.

Advice and precautions to Enjoy the beaches of Egypt.

Here are some tips and precautions on the beaches of Egypt that you should take into account to make your trip a success

  1. Be careful of the date you travel: The seasons in Egypt are careful when it comes to visiting you. If you will travel to coastal areas, the best season will be the summer since the temperature is pleasant to have so close to water. The summer season is between June and August. But I do not recommend you travel in winter (December – February) because the cold currents will make the water not as enjoyable as possible.

  2. Prepare for the high season: If you have decided to travel in summer, for example, you will be faced with the highest season. Egyptian beaches are popular destinations for foreign tourists and locals alike. Therefore, prices can go up dramatically during this time of year. It is best to prepare yourself and make reservations in time.

  3. Protect your skin: There are no excuses for you to give your skin adequate protection during your beach days. So remember to always apply sunscreen. In the same way, it is very important that you always keep yourself well hydrated when enjoying the beach. Always drink bottled water, because it is for your own good.

  4. Practice water activities with proper supervision: Do not be fooled by the calm waters, for any water activity, whether diving, diving, windsurfing or sailboarding you will need the guidance of an expert to supervise you and ensure your safety. There are many specialized centers that provide clothing and trained guides for this kind of activity.

  5. Be respectful with the marine life: And the most essential thing, keep in mind at all times that you will be one more guest in these marine ecosystems, so you must visit them with great respect and care. Do not remove pieces of coral or try to harm the animals that live there. It is also not right to leave waste on the sands of the beaches where you will enjoy it. Common sense advice, but it never hurts to mention it because of its relevance.

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