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Al Tanoura Folklore Dance Show Night Tour


$ 55


5 hours



Cairo Night Activities

tour overview

Do not miss the chance while you are in Cairo and spend a memorable evening in the heart of the old city.Enjoy watching the Tannura Dance Show performed by talented Egyptian dancers and musicians.The show reflects Egyptian cultural heritage dance and folklore.

The Tanoura dance is performed by Sufi men,Darawish.The dance is similar to the Sufi whirling in Levant and Turkey.In this show,the men wear long colorful skirts, where each color on the skirt represents one Sufi order. Our representative will meet you at the hotel on time.You will drive to the area of Khan El Khalili where the show will be performed.Tannura is a kind of dance that is connected to the whirling Dervishes who originally perform religious chanting and dance.The show starts with musicians playing traditional tunes on Nay(flute),Rababa(lute-like instrument played with a bow) and percussion, then, introduced by a religious chant, the first solo Tannoura dancer, with his green dress and striped gown takes to the stage and starts whirling. And it whirls and whirls continuously, accompanied by an entrancing melody, for about 20 minutes. The show proceeds with another session of music performed by a group of players on Nay(flute) and other wood instruments before three more dancers come on stage and start another amazing dance with various figures aimed at displaying their talent and endurance.This is a wonderful show, you will enjoy the glimpse into Egyptian talent and culture.After the end of the show,you will be taken back to the hotel. The place where you will attend the show is very impressive.It is called Wikalet Al Ghory.Built in 1504 A.D. by Sultan Qunsuwah Al Ghouri, Wakalat El-Ghouri was originally designed as an inn for accommodating traders coming from all parts of the globe as well as a marketplace for trading goods and a venue for making trade deals. The building is made up of four floors,each comprising 28 rooms with domed ceilings, overlooking a rectangular-shaped courtyard with a mosaic fountain in the middle. As such, Wakalat El-Ghouri still stands out as one of the loftiest and most time-enduring Islamic monuments remaining. It rightly reflects an apex of harmony and symmetry in terms of both Islamic architecture and practical functionality.

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