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Al Fayoum Day Tour To Wadi AlRayan And Lake Qarun


$ 199


10 Hours



Al Fayoum Day Tours

tour overview

Enjoy our Al Fayoum Excursions and day trips and enjoy Al Fayoum famous attractions. you will visit Lake Qarun and discover a series of waterfalls in the heart of the desert at Wadi El-Rayan. your tour include lunch at one of the local restaurant in the oasis with a professional Egyptologist guide. Book now your Egypt day trips.

Explore the oasis of Fayoum, which is located 48 miles (80 kilometers) south of Cairo. The visitors, who choose to go for this private day tour, will have a very different feeling away from the capital. You will enjoy the agricultural landscape of vegetation. Rural life is one of the pleasant experience of Al Fayoum. Your first destination will be the Lake Moris as the Greeks called it but Arabs call it Lake Qarun. The Lake is an expansive one. It is not a big swimming spot, but even the sight of lake on the edge of the desert is refreshing, and you can rent a rowing boat. The lake is now an important bird area where thousands of migratory birds rest during their winter migration pattern south, including large numbers of flamingos. Following this, you will drive the popular waterfalls of WadI El Rayan. The waterfalls are connected to the lake in a beautiful way; your tour guide will accompany you everywhere to explain all about the places you visit.

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